The Fire Dancer
97x130 cm

My Only Soul
43x80 cm

    Flying Fish
97x130 cm

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House Number 9
80x60 cm


81 x 116 cm

  Alone with
Empty Suitcase
60 x 80 cm

OK Let's
42 x 80 cm


House Town 1
60 x 39 cm

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Kunveno is proud to introduce you to artists who, through their art, express what words fail to explain… the search for self in a world of multiple belongings, meaning in a life of apparent contradictions, humour and joy in the face of ambiguity.

Oxana Yambykh

Born in the USSR on September 11th 1966, Oxana began drawing at  the age of 2. When her kindergarten teachers said she was unable to draw, her mother brought her to an artist' studio for children where her first teacher taught her to love drawing. From the age of 9 to 13, she studied at the children's school of painting, and then from 16 to 20, pursued her studies in art. She graduated with excellent results and was able to enter the Kharkov Institute of Painting.

Oxana did well, meeting the expectations of the Soviet teaching system yet when the Institute asked her to stay on as a teacher after she graduated in 1992, she refused. As the political situation in the country changed in 1992, Oxana joined a group of artists from Kiev, and took part very often in group exhibitions. She also held personal exhibitions in Kharkov and Kiev.

Today, Oxana shares her time between Kharkov, in the Ukraine and Versailles in France. She has recently held three private exhibitions in Paris and participates in some of the Paris Salons. Her works are part of private collections in France, Germany, Israel, Switzerland, the United States as well as in countries of the ex-Soviet Union.

You can share some of Oxana's thoughts below and enjoy a visit of her complete works on her website at

Oxana speaks out

"The topic of loneliness, and the place of a given person in the great space of life are still vital for me. I want to understand psychology of happiness, and integrated perception of the world by a man or a woman.

A person is born, he comes to the world, every one is lonely inside his soul. How does a person live? what does a soul mean? how does a person find himself and his place in the space? why does he live? how do people's souls work? what is happiness for people? I try to solve these questions in my works.

My canvas are not decorative, walls in bedrooms are not decorated with them, because my pictures are designed to make people think; they can be understood only by those who understood art; who feel it, who do not perceive pictures like beautiful spots in the interior.

I do not want just to paint pictures, I want to say the truth about the world and the people in my canvasses. I know that many people feel the same thing I feel and draw, so I think people understand my pictures and after, they are afraid of them, because it is difficult to confess the reality of the problems.

I want to draw honest pictures, and I want to express myself in my pictures, I want to express my outlook of life and world.

Such pictures are not comprehensible for everybody, and some people just do not want to understand them."